Brezo Restaurant: Perfect for Brunch

Just my Food for Thought on Brezo

Almost every Sunday I try and have brunch with my family. Whether it’s staying at home in our PJ’s and cooking brunch, or dressing up and finding a new restaurant to try. Since almost all of us were home, minus my little bro, we decided to try a new place in our area. The restaurant Brezo, is old school, quaint and has a little Latin flair found in Point Richmond California which is truly a hidden gem. I ordered something called the Mt. Tam potatoes, dad ordered the Mt. Diablo Chilaquiles Verdes and mom ordered the Berry Belgian Waffle. While we were waiting for our food, my mom and I each ordered a mimosa. They were delicious and you can never do without one during Sunday brunch. The food came out and everything was absolutely amazing. The right amount of spice went into mine and dad’s plates and mom had the freshest blueberries I’ve had in a while. Everything was fresh and done with care. Needless to say, we are definitely going back there to try out more dishes and maybe have give dinner a shot. The ambiance of the restaurant was so nice, decorated with beautiful artwork, an old-school bar at the front and fresh cut flowers on each and every table. Can’t wait to try them out again!

If you would like to read more reviews or try them out for yourselves I highly suggest you stop by for a bite to eat!

Brezo Restaurant

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