Working In This Heat!

Hello all my amazing people! Have ya’ll noticed this heat we’re going through right now?! Apparantly 85% of the United States is sweating through a heat wave! I know my area of California doesn’t quite count for that statistic but I think 92* weather is hot enough! Working in this heat takes a toll on your body and your mind. Your body is trying to keep all your organs nice and regulated so you don’t overheat and have a medical emergency. Helping your body not go into overdrive is sometimes hard to do. We all work in different fields of the job industry. Some of us have some A/C, some of us work outside all day or work without A/C. Wherever we work we can still help ourselves. Now being an EMT I see a lot of heat related emergencies. Peoples body will overheat and they don’t have the ability to cool it down…we dont want to get to that point…ever. Some easy ways to cool down:

  • Drink drink drink. Just a little bit of water can go a long way. Gatorade also helps because it replenishes your electrolytes.
  • Try and rest in between working. If you can only safely work for 20 minutes and have to take a break, do it. Your safety is always priority.
  • Wear sunscreen. Especially if you’re outside, sunscreen will help prevent the Suns Ray’s from burning your skin which in turn, keeps you cool.
  • Try and find shade to cool down in. The temperature in the shade will actually be significantly cooler than out in the Suns path.

Where Can I Read Up On Heat Safety.

There are multiple websites that you can read up on for working in the heat and what to do. One of the leading websites for this is OSHA. Osha will explain what temperature is TOO hot to work in. They will also give more guidance and advice on how to work in this heat.

As an EMT please stay safe in these heat conditions. If you’re starting to feel too hot and dizzy, it is time for a water and rest break! Stay cool everyone!

“Nothing splendid was ever created in cold blood. Heat is required to forge anything. Every great accomplishment is the story of a flaming heart.”

– Arnold H. Glasow

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